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Broadband for Strata Communities

We  install or upgrade the backbone cabling to digital standard required for NBN to support high speed digital broadband, and other enabling smart technologies, for your strata complex.  As NBN services may not be available until some time in the future for some sites, we usually recommend a bulk commercial grade service to provide the high speed services needed to satisfy owners, guest and tenants for their current digital requirements.

We can transition any size strata complex from existing analogue technology and upgrade the facilities to transition to the digital age.

Our key benefit is our cabling technology policy to re-use and upgrade existing facilities rather than replace and re-wire.

Here is a quick summary of what we do

  • We source the commercial bulk internet facilities dedicated (uncontended) to your strata complex and upgrade the cabling to NBN and Foxtel™ compliant standards – this allows unlimited data at best available speeds, and the ability to run internet, free-to air TV and Foxtel™ services over the one cable.
  • We distribute the internet service to each unit within the complex via a dedicated end point termination unit (ETU).  This allows in each unit the ability to receive free to air TV, Foxtel™ and internet services delivered over Wifi or Ethernet connection if private networks are required.
  • This allows for new digital applications eg VoIP, security services and access to be delivered across the community, as well as accessing the new digital TV facilities from the internet
  • We provide technical and administrative support and maintenance via our managed services agreements.
  • We offer third-party financing at affordable terms.

How it helps everyone

Bodies Corporate Resident Building Managers Lot Owners / Residents / Guests
  • Use existing wiring for inexpensive installation
  • Implementation with minimal disruption
  • You only have to deal with one company – we handle everything
  • Easy administration
  • We provide a user friendly web application for access control and billing
  • Online reporting of status and usage in real-time
  • Bulk prices below what can be purchased individually
  • Guests / users have unlimited fast internet access
  • Satisfied guests
  • Increased occupancy